Christmas Message 2017
Michael A. Weeks  JP. MP

Bermuda, this has been a year of victories and challenges!

As a community, we have experienced many things that have tested our resolve, over the last year. Financial Assistance among all groups was on the rise;  the loss of our black males to gun violence; the devastation of continued road fatalities and the unimaginable economic challenges, that found many of us unemployed and unable to make ends meet.

You are not alone! As a country, we are a resilient people and together, we will are beginning to make inroads for the betterment of all. The storms that beset us are slowly but surely, moving out to sea. Better days have begun and we must hold fast and never lose hope!

On behalf of my wife and our family, we wish each of you a Safe and Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year. PEACE!