New York Daily News: By Joseph Wilkinson – A Memphis man killed at least two people in a shooting spree across the city Wednesday, police said.

Cops identified the suspect as 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly. He was arrested late Wednesday night.

Before Kelly’s arrest, the city of Memphis warned all residents, “If you do not need to be out, please stay home!”

Four separate shootings were reported at different locations in Memphis, local Fox affiliate WHBQ reported.

Local cops said one man was fatally shot around 1pm on a residential street in east Memphis. Another man was shot and killed more than three hours later at a gas station in south Memphis, cops said.

Minutes after the second man was killed, a woman was shot and wounded around a nearby highway ramp, according to police.

Later in the afternoon, video began circulating of a young man, since identified as Kelly, walking into an AutoZone and shooting another man, WHBQ reported.

“We are getting reports that [the shooter] is recording his actions on Facebook,” police said.

The University of Memphis went into lockdown after shots were fired near the school’s campus.

Any motive for the shootings remains unclear.