When it comes to special occasions like Valentine’s Day, most associate it with flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners. But when Dee Williams decided she wanted to do something different, she had no idea it would evolve into a healthy and crafty business.

Surprise Edible Arrangement for Husband Denton Williams

Out of planning a surprise party for her husband, she decided to craft an edible arrangement. That was two years ago. Since then, Fruit-Ah-Licious has generated business via social media.

“I was planning a surprise party for my husband Denton Williams. His birthday is on Christmas Day, but I surprised him on February 14th, in 2015. I wanted to give him something different, so I decided to make an edible arrangement,” said Ms Williams.

“I posted pictures on Facebook and questions started pouring in, like who made that for you, where did you get it from, etc. From there it’s been a hustle off and on.

“From posting pictures on Facebook and giving out business cards it’s getting popular. When I’m walking on the street people say: ‘Hi Fruit-Ah-Licious, I have you checked and I’ll be ordering from you’.”

And those orders range from special designs for baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries or ‘just thinking of you’ arrangements.

“I also found out that people want to eat healthy, so they prefer to buy the edible arrangements made with fruit instead of cakes or flowers,” she said.

Edible Arrangement for a Baby Shower Using a Watermelon & Other Fruits

The former child care provider said after many years of looking after babies, she decided it was time to do something different.

“I love looking after babies and i miss them a lot, but I decided I wanted to do something totally different and I like arranging.” But more often than not, she said it’s the sheer job her clients express that makes it all worthwhile.

“When people pick up their order or I deliver it for a small fee, you should see that person’s face – it brightens right up with a smile,” said Ms Williams.

The price range for her arrangements start at $35 and runs up to $200, depending on the contents and size of her product. And the design request vary from client to client.

“I’ve been asked some outrageous questions, including whether I can make arrangements in certain body parts, but I haven’t received an order like that yet,” she said with a smile.

As a self-employed individual she has a number of jobs, but not of them are full-time, which is another reason why she created Fruit-Ah-Licious, with the hope of one day making it a full-time business.

“I enjoy putting smiles on people’s faces, and there’s never two arrangements created alike, they’re all one of a kind,” she said.

For more information on this creative business with all natural sugars and a low calorie healthy twist, go to Fruit-Ah-Licious on Facebook, or email Dee Williams at deannwilliams55@gmail.com.