News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – May is Foster Care Month and the Department of Child and Family Services is urging more residents who are able to consider becoming foster parents

Currently, there are 50 children in foster care and the Minister of Social Development and Seniors, Tinee Furbert, stressed the importance of providing support for our young people in need, noting, “We have many children in our system who require the nurturing and supportive environment of a foster family.

“The importance of having the community embrace these vulnerable young people is vital. We have been extremely fortunate with the foster parents who are dedicated to caring for our young people, as they have graciously opened their hearts and their homes. But we can always welcome more individuals and families who are able to make a difference in the life of a child.”

The Minister encouraged anyone interested in becoming a foster parent to call 294-5871 or email Selena Simons at to learn more information about what’s required.

In recognition of Foster Care Month the Ministry will be hosting a luncheon and tea in the upcoming weeks as a measure of appreciation to those parents and families who have stepped forward to become parents and guardians to children in need.