Three women were treated at the hospital’s Emergency Department on Monday night after a boat ran aground in the Great Sound.

Marine police responded to a half-submerged boat near Pearl Island to find that two private vessels had already taken four people to Albuoy’s Point.

A police spokesman said the suspected driver of the boat, was arrested and subsequently released without charge due to insufficient evidence.

The women, aged 27, 32 and 37 respectively, were treated for non-life threatening injuries and discharged.

In another incident, police were dispatched to the scene of another marine incident involving a boat with three people aboard that ran aground near the Head of the Lane maritime channel marker off Warwick.

The driver, described as a 34-year-old Devonshire woman, who was not injured was arrested on suspicion of piloting or being at the helm of a boat while impaired.

She was later released on police bail pending further enquiries. 

Anyone with information is urged to call the main police telephone number, 295-0011.