He said he would be back and later this morning, former Progressive Labour Party Leader, Marc Bean, is expected to confirm that the Freedom Democratic Movement (FDM) will field candidates in the next General Election.

Media invites were sent out yesterday for the FDM news conference at 11am.

Bermuda Real will be there and we will have more in subsequent reports.

In January last year, Mr Bean confirmed that the third-party challenger in the 2020 General Election will return to Bermuda’s political arena.

Speaking on the Daily Hour talk show he confirmed that he by no means had thrown in the towel on a political career, although he did not specify at that point in time when the FDM may “re-emerge”.

He also declined to say whether or not he would lead the party, saying: “I know my job as architect is to build it.”

He conceded however, that the FDM was essentially “dormant” after the General Election in 2020.

The next General Election must be held by January 2026.