Jamaica Observer: ST JAMES, Jamaica — A St James man who boldly claimed that the proceeds from selling marijuana allowed him to construct his own home was ordered to pay $20,000 in fines for possessing more than a pound of ‘weed’.

The fine was handed down by presiding judge Sasha-Marie Smith-Ashley after Fearon Blair confessed to possessing and dealing in marijuana during his appearance in the St James Parish Court on Wednesday.

The exact date of the incident was not disclosed during court proceedings.

It was, however, revealed that police visited Blair’s house as part of an investigation. During their search of the house, they found a plastic bag hidden inside a washing machine.

The bag reportedly contained ganja weighing one pound and almost nine ounces.

When Blair was cautioned, he reportedly said to the police, “Officer, do what you have to do… Mi nuh have nuh gun; a weed mi sell… I won’t stop selling it, so yuh haffi go charge me again”.

In response to the allegations, Smith-Ashley asked Blair if this was the first time he had been charged with possession of ganja.

“Yes, Your Honour,” he replied.

Blair then shared with the judge that he used the money from selling ganja for a good cause.

“Miss, I used my ganja to build my house; that’s what helped me to build it,” Blair said.

“But sir, it is unlawful,” the judge told Blair before ordering him to pay a fine of $6,000 or 30 days for possession of marijuana; and $14,000 or 30 days for dealing in it.

“If you come back here for it, you will be going to prison,” the judge told Blair before allowing him to leave the courtroom.