Good news from the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) with word that the 29-year-old man missing at sea overnight, was found safe and sound with a few abrasions on Watling Island this morning.

In a statement released this afternoon, a spokesman said: “The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) would like to acknowledge everyone that assisted or offered to assist in the marine search effort – including the Maritime Operations Centre, Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service, pilot boat and the Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR) – as well as members of the local boating community.

“Of note, the RBR provided one fast boat with a two man crew and five RBR divers, plus an additional RBR soldier who was deployed on a BPS marine unit vessel. The BPS also had officers searching the shoreline.”

RBR Adjutant Paolo Odoli said: “We are happy to provide any assistance we can to the civil authorities. We are glad that the young man has been found safe and well.”

Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley extended his thanks, saying: “Teamwork, perseverance and the willingness of the various agencies and community members to work together, clearly ensured the safety of this young man.

“A full investigation will now take place to find out how he came to be in the water.

“The investigation will also look at any lessons to be learned from a safety aspect and seek to identify if there are any issues to be considered in regards to the cruise this young man was on at the time.”