Police have launched another murder investigation, following an attack by several men that ultimately claimed another man’s life – an attack that occurred as horrified children and parents cried and screamed.

The brutal incident occurred around 9:35 this morning in Sandys, when an altercation by several men broke out on Somerset Road, near the junction with Hook and Ladder Lane.

A police spokeswoman said the fight eventually ended up on Clyde Best Lane, right next to Somerset Cricket Club, where a number of people had gathered to watch the Saturday morning football games scheduled.

Bermuda Real understands several spectators witnessed the attack, including young children, who were no doubt left traumatised by what they saw unfold right before their eyes.

Meanwhile, a police spokeswoman said the circumstances remain “unclear at this time”.

The victim, who sustained life-threatening injuries as a result of the attack, was rushed to the hospital’s Emergency Department, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Unconfirmed reports reaching Bermuda Real suggest the assault may have been a case of vigilantism, prompted by an attack on another young man.

There were also WhatsApp messages circulating this morning with an audio track suggesting why the attack occurred.

These reports are likely to be investigated by the police moving forward.

Police cordoned of Clyde Best Lane while detectives processed the scene.

Anyone who may have witnessed any part of the altercation or anyone who may have information about the incident is urged to call acting Detective Sergeant Anneka Donawa on 7172250 or adonawa@bps.bm.