A male motorcyclist spotted by police “driving erratically” during the Somerset Cup Match victory motorcade in St George’s was arrested and a firearm seized by police on Saturday (July 31).

A spokesman said the incident occurred on Wellington Slip Road in St George’s around 6pm, while officers were regulating traffic “as the procession of vehicles arrived at St George’s Cricket Club”.

When the man was stopped by police and issued with moving violation tickets, the spokesman said he then violently resisted arrest when the officers attempted to detain him for an outstanding warrant.

The arresting officers used tasers during the struggle and a subsequent search uncovered a firearm, which was taken in for examination.

The incident was also recorded by a number of onlookers on cell phones, and police are now appealing for witnesses to come forward by providing any footage obtained.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Acting Inspector Jason Smith on 717-0864.