News Release: WARWICK, Bermuda – A total of seven spots are available for the Royal Bermuda Regiment’s Recruit Camp next month.

Major Duncan Simons, the RBR’s Career Management Officer, said there was still time to grab a place to train for “the best second job in Bermuda”.
He added that recruit numbers were restricted to 40 because of strict coronavirus safety regulations.
Maj Simons said: “It’s a golden opportunity to gain experience, serve the country, travel, have fun, learn new skills and build a network all at the same time.”
He added soldiers are expected to complete a two-week annual camp, some weekend camps and attend drill nights.
Maj Simons said: “It’s a very small commitment – one month a year, but the dividends are huge, for individuals as well as the country. Many of our soldiers, of course, do far more than that, but that is optional.”
The deadline to sign up for the camp scheduled to start on Sunday, October 11 is Wednesday.
Anyone interested in joining should visit Warwick Camp at 6pm on September 30 to speak to recruiting staff and fill in the required paperwork.
But Maj Simons said: “If people aren’t in a position to join that quickly, they can still complete the enlistment process that night and join the Recruit Camp next February.”
He added that all new recruits will have to take a coronavirus test a week before the October camp started and regulations to protect the health of recruits and training staff would be enforced throughout.
RBR: Hurricane Humberto 2019

Maj Simons said: “We have to create bubbles – keep the different sections separate as much as possible and hold lectures in the RBR mess because it is the biggest space available and will allow social distancing.

“We take the safety of our recruits and staff very seriously and people can be assured every precaution will be taken.”
Maj Simons added the latest crop of recruits reflected the make-up of Bermuda – mostly Bermudian, several women and some spouses of Bermudians and non-Bermudians.
He said: “It’s a good mix and the diversity only adds to the experience of service in the RBR.”
Maj Simons added that the Covid-19 pandemic and Hurricanes Paulette and Teddy had highlighted the continued value of the RBR.
He said: “It shows the important contribution the Regiment makes to the safety and security of Bermuda.”
Potential recruits should bring bank details, their Social Insurance number and, if applicable, a work permit and a letter of support from their employer if a work permit holder with them on Wednesday.
They should also be prepared for a medical and bring suitable clothes and footwear for a short fitness test. Masks must be worn.
Maj Simons said: “It might seem like a daunting prospect to some, but our recruitment team is there to help every step of the way.
“We want our recruits to succeed and to offer meaningful routes to personal and professional advancement which are useful to the military and in their civilian lives.”