A new grassroots group called MOVE – concerned Bermudians opposed to the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) airport plan has issued a rallying call for all Bermudians opposed to the airport development plan, to make their presence known on the steps of City Hall later today.

Starting at 4pm in the lead up to a closed meeting for OBA Members only, due to start in the gallery upstairs at 5:30pm, members of MOVE will be at City Hall with placards demonstrating their opposition to the airport plan.

This new grassroots group formed in recent weeks to organize a formulated plan to block the plan implemented by Finance Minister ET Bob Richards. And they plan to make that formally known later today.

The OBA meeting due to be held in the Bermuda National Gallery was posted as an in-house meeting for OBA members only, where Mr Richards plans to make a presentation on the airport development plan.

Yesterday, a number of residents expressed outrage that a private meeting was planned to discuss a multi-million
dollar project that involves the public purse on the Sherri Simmons Show on Magic 102.7FM.

Stay tuned!

By Ceola Wilson