Before the first ball has been hit, the PGA Tour Bermuda Championship has already established that it has a struck a melodious chord at the fabulous coastal golf course Port Royal.

While some may deem it purely coincidental, those of us who have lived the ‘Mystique of Port Royal’ know all to well that it is by divine intervention that on the very week Port Royal Golf Course enters it “50th Year of Operation” the PGA Tour Bermuda Championship will kick off with a $3 million dollar golf tournament featuring four Bermudians in the field. This alone is unprecedented (four Bermudians competing together in a PGA Tour event), but anything is possible in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean 700 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

It is anticipated that many Bermudians will be in the galleries cheering for their family members,  friends and soaking up the excellent golf from PGA Tour players seriously plying their trade.

However, there is a special romantic connection with this tournament that bears sharing.

It is no secret that the PGA Tour Bermuda Championship is the brainchild of PH Horgan lll, who is no stranger to Bermuda 🇧🇲, as a former Bermuda Open Champion. Furthermore, PH Hogan III has developed a friendship with Bermuda Tourism Minister Zane Desilva which certainly helped to realize thIs milestone sporting event coming to the pastel shores of Bermuda. Off course, we all know that many important decisions and deals have been consummated over a round of golf, so in that sense the PGA Tour Bermuda Championships, it is not so unusual for those of us in an around golf to see this special event find its way to our great island home.

Except in the case of this PGA Tour Bermuda Championship there is a far deeper connection that captures the true essence of the ‘Port Royal Mystique’ we speak so fondly about when sharing stories about Port Royal Golf Course.

For us at Port Royal Golf Course PH Horgan III is already a household name, but many don’t know that PH Horgan III, Executive Director of the PGA Tour Bermuda Championship could claim to be a product of Bermuda 🇧🇲.

Not only for his yeoman service bringing this event to our shores, or his self professed fondness for Bermuda.

There is a question of his Bermuda lineage, which may inadvertently qualify him as a honorary Bermudian, a connection that is most intimate and embraces the ethos Bermuda Tourism’s repeat visitor statistics were built on.

Notwithstanding his long association with Bermuda, even PH Horgan III has to look back to the 1950s, when his parents were honeymooners in Bermuda, to be reminded how he naturally comes by a special affinity for our island.

Sadly, this year in August 2019, PH Horgan’s mother took her last breath, but her loving son can take solace that she managed to muster a soft whisper “B-E-A-C-H“ in response to the words “Elbow”.

Yes Elbow Beach was where she stayed on her Bermuda Honeymoon when the journey of this mystical journey began.

The relationship between Bermuda and our repeat visitors is legendary and mutual love exchanged between visitor and local is longstanding. But in this case, this correspondent is reminded that the Family bond established within families through their time spent together in Bermuda are eternal memories.

While we look to have this event emerge as a much desired staple of the PGA Tour, let me underscore that the genesis of PH Horgan III’s  love for Bermuda is rooted in a connection with his parents and their choice to start their life in Bermuda.

I submit that the foundation on which this PGA Tour Bermuda Championship is being launched, is grounded in a Love for Bermuda of the highest order.

With love being the greatest Gift available in life, we salute PH III’s parents, Mr and Mrs Patrick Horgan II for their decision to honeymoon in Bermuda in 1950’s

The Mystique of Port Royal continues with the advent of the PGA Tour Bermuda Championship, as Port Royal Golf Course enters its 50th Year.