I will never forget the day I got this strange email telling me one baby was born premature and that the other was yet to be born.

I was home sick that day – can’t remember what was wrong but the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed sent me straight to zombie-ville. So in my mind I thought I must be tripping!

So I sat up, wobbled my way into the kitchen and asked my mom to read it because maybe it was some sort of twisted joke!

She read it, looked up at me, then read it again and said: “Ceola, I think you need to call her – this is serious!” So I was like: “Okay, time to focus, I need to find out what the heck is going on.” And it has gone on and on and on ever since.

I call them Bermuda’s Miracle Twins because that’s exactly who they are.

Emyr and Esai Bean fought the fight of their lives just to be here. Emyr (on right in photo), weighed less than two pounds when he arrived, Esai weighed twice as much when he was born just over a week later in the freezing cold winter all the way in Canada.

It would be months before they would be cleared to be airlifted back to Bermuda, where they would spend even more time in King Edward VII Memorial Hospital before they would finally reach HOME!

Truthfully, when I look back at those photographs and reflect on all those crystal clear memories in my mind of all the big steps these two have made, every single step along the way together – I still get a little emotional. But then I look at them now – getting ready for big school and I remain simply in awe!

I remember when they didn’t talk or walk, now they run circles around ‘Godma C’ – sometimes it’s ‘Godma CC’ or ‘G-ma C’ – it depends on whatever mood they’re in whenever we link.

Truth be told again – I can only take them in 60-minute doses because they wear me out times TWO! But we have engaging conversations regularly and yes they will let you have it!

I ask their parents, Edonna and Ryan Bean all the time: “You two live with those two every day?” And they usually smile or stand there shaking their heads. And I can’t say I blame them because I remember my son at that stage – they have all that times TWO! 

In any case, we had a date the other day at Bermuda School Uniforms – proud sponsors of each and every single pair of school shorts and shirts and socks times TWO for Emyr and Esai Bean, who are heading for Port Royal Primary School this September.

On behalf of Bermuda Real we say a Great BIG Thank You to Belinda and Carmen Cyrus, who have graciously agreed to not only provide their first set of school uniforms but they’ve agreed to be the sole providers throughout their school years from primary school straight through to senior school God willing.

And for that we’re beyond words really, except to say THANK YOU! 

We’ll see you again in August just to double check up on any growth spurts between now and then!