News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – A local school that specializes in natural health sciences trains students to become natural health practitioners by the year 2023. Founded in 2019, CNHS-BDA, the College of Natural Health Sciences Bermuda is a private vocational college that has been established as a means to provide affordable, high quality educational opportunities in the fields of natural health science.

CNHS-BDA’s founder and President Dr Delcina Bean-Burrows strongly believes that the key to addressing many of Bermuda’s health management challenges is to increase the availability of local natural health practitioners who can effectively promote prevention and wellness.

“We have an ambitious target, Agenda 2023, which is to grow the local population of osteopaths, naturopaths, and naturopathic therapists by 6 percent by the year 2023, “ said Dr Bean-Burrows. “The rationale behind this agenda is that as the number of natural health practitioners per parish rises, wellness and overall health improvements per parish population should also rise proportionately.
To that end, we are proud to offer the most affordable educational option for any person who wishes to pursue a career in osteopathy or naturopathy. If you are a mature individual who is seeking a career change or if you are a recent high-school or college graduate who is interested in pursuing a natural health career, we hope you will consider enrolling at CNHS-BDA.
We obtained our international accreditation last March of 2020 from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) which means that our graduates will be eligible to receive board certification as holistic health practitioners.” 
CNHS-BDA still has spaces available for prospective students for the 2021-2022 school year which starts on September 2nd 2021. Financial aid packages are available.
  • For more information, visit or call 441-777-0589