On Monday, November 18, 2019, Bermuda woke up to a report – that a Bermudian girl – age 16, had died at a US treatment facility, while under the care of Bermuda’s Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS).

Her death was later confirmed by local officials who said it happened while she was being treated under a care order by the Bermuda Government’s child protection services at a US treatment centre in Utah.

Sincere condolences were extended to the young girl’s family by the Ministry of Legal Affairs on what was described as “the unfortunate passing of a child referred to an overseas facility for treatment”.

“Out of respect for the family and the ongoing investigation into this matter, no further information will be provided at this time,” the spokesperson said.

“We further call on all media outlets to operate in a professional, compassionate and respectful manner during this period of bereavement by the family.”

But that’s NOT what the Minister of Legal Affairs did!

Attorney General Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons

Instead, she sat down with the one reporter she reportedly was comfortable with to issue her initial statement on a death of national importance and significance!

In her capacity as Minister, Bermuda’s Attorney General, Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons ignored the rest of the media instead of calling a news conference.

Ultimately, the decision was hers and that was her choice!

Enter Bermuda Real with one question: If it was your child how would you feel?

From that day until now, the MOTHER of this child says neither the Minister, Alfred Maybury, the head of the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) or anyone else has told her or the child’s father what happened to their child.

We have been in talks ever since.

Nearly two months later, we have talked about the entire case, the fact that her daughter is dead and the fact that her child was buried in Bermuda with no official word on the circumstances of her death!

On Monday morning at 8am – she will have her say with yours truly EXCLUSIVELY in a live television interview on FRESH TV, which will be streamed live globally.

After the decision was made, on New Year’s Day, this journalist informed the head of DCFS, Alfred Maybury that this interview will take place.

That conversation took place in person, after the football game at Somerset Cricket Club on New Year’s Day – face to face.

His initial response was don’t go there!

He was informed that his permission was neither required or needed, to which he said he should be there when the mother says what she has to say, so he could have his say.

The response: “She will have her say without you and you’re invited to have your say when she’s done!”

That invitation remains open AFTER the interview – PERIOD!

As a parent, no matter what the crisis is, I firmly believe, maintain & uphold the fact that parents have a right to know and it is my information that this mother witnessed her child’s burial with NO REAL ANSWERS from anyone in a position to answer anything.

In that regard, come Monday morning – at 8am on Fresh TV the BEST TV we’re going to keep it real straight up – no frills – streaming live from Bermuda via the UK, with the mother of the child who died at US facility under the care of Bermuda’s Department of Child and Family Services, headed up by Alfred Maybury.

As noted, he has been invited to have his say AFTER her interview, which our lead legal advisor says we are perfectly within our right to do so and we’re good to go!

For the record, this interview is not about pointing fingers or blame! It is about a system that sends Bermudian children abroad for treatment at a cost of millions of dollars to Bermuda’s taxpayers – without dealing with the core issues in Bermuda!

And yes, we’re going there. See You There!