The following was submitted to as a Letter to the Editor by Nerah-Lynn Wilson, 27, who lives near Prospect Primary School in Devonshire.

Dear Editor:

Four or five weeks ago, I, Nerah-Lynn Wilson fell in a pot hole and sprained my left foot, and messed up my knee as well.

This took place across the street from Prospect Primary School at the bus stop. I was walking to dance rehearsal and didn’t see the pot hole. I cannot dance for two months and in the 24 of May parade as well.

It is hard living with this pain and I can’t go sleep at night, I also cry myself to sleep as well. It is hard without any insurance to get medical coverage. I wish I had the money to go to see a Doctor who can see what is wrong with me.

I have been to the hospital without insurance coverage. The hospital team had done all that they could do to help me.

The pot hole is very dangerous to other people who get off the bus and for those who walk, or run by it as well.

Fortunately, since writing this letter the pot hole is fixed now. But I’m NOT!

Nerah-Lynn Wilson
Area Resident
Devonshire, Bermuda