I am compelled to write this letter of acknowledgement and appreciation to staff employed by the Corporation of St George’s.

Mr Shannon Outerbridge and two of his work colleagues are to be commended, as they stopped their very busy Town Square New Year’s Eve preparations to assist me in getting my car started.

I was parked on the Town Square around noon and may have still been there in the midst of the celebrations if they did not help me.

One of the battery terminals was corroded and the car would not start. I told Mr Outerbridge the problem I was having and asked if I could borrow a spanner.

He and his men took over from there. It was clear that they did not want to have to move a crippled car off the Square when things got really busy [on New Year’s Eve].

After some ten minutes of trying to start the car, Mr Outerbridge suggested that the car be towed to Dowling’s Marine, where I could get parts and further assistance.

He asked one of the men to bring the truck to tow the car. So I walked over to tell my wife that I would be at Dowling’s. When I turned back, I saw Mr Outerbridge and one of his men pushing the car, and the other man steering up Water Street.

There is an upgrade from the Square to the restaurant formerly known as the Carriage House. Due to a recent back operation, I could not help to push. But the three men seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The driver was waving to everyone and offered to have a turn at pushing when the car reached the downgrade. And they were ‘pooped’ when they got to Dowling’s, but still made light of the ordeal.

I could not believe they took on this task and thanked them many times. I have watched Mr Outerbridge over the years working with the Corporation and could clearly see that he has a super work ethic. And it rubs off on all of his colleagues.

Over the years, I have heard many people praise the Corporation’s staff for all that they do to maintain ‘Ye Olde Towne’ – our World Heritage Site in Bermuda. They are a pheonomenal team and we all appreciate their good and hard work.

Again, I thank the men of the St George’s Corporation for their continued positive work ethic and positive attitude. So much so that they did not ‘feel no way’ about pushing a car from the Square to Dowling’s Marine in St George’s.

Gerald & Tiny Bean
Paget, Bermuda