Plans are in full effect to “take it up a notch” to enhance the concept of a full family fun day affair at the second Family and Cultural Vendors Market to be held at the Leopards Club this month.

This time around, organisers say local DJ James Gilbert has volunteered “to take the market up a notch with his sounds, to create a more exciting family atmosphere”.

And for the first time on Saturday (Aug 27), anyone who spends $25 with any vendor gets entered into the raffle draw, which takes place at the end of the day.

Raffle prizes include grocery vouchers for $50 to $100 and other prizes.

Asked how the event went last week, spokesman Ametheyst Richardson, said: “In spite of the welting heat last Saturday (Aug 20), we still had shoppers come out to do a bit of shopping with some of our vendors, even though it wasn’t as busy as it has been in the past.

“Some of our vendors did not come out.” But overall, he said: “We survived the day.”

And once again, he urged residents “to come out and enjoy shopping for some interesting bargains and enjoy the music.

“Remember there is a restaurant on the grounds as well,” he added.

“Most of the vendors will be set up and ready to go again on Saturday, ready to serve you along with some additional first time vendors.

“We have about five (5) spots available if there are any last minute interested vendors.

As a team, they are “always looking for new vendors”, to “continue to grow”.

Featured items include household goods and supplies, small appliances to clothing for men, women and children including school supplies, and more.

Also on hand, designer fashions with eyewear locally written books, including Bermuda’s noted author and former Progressive Labour Party MP, Neletha Butterfield, who will be back tomorrow.

When contacted by Bermuda Real about how she made out last week with sales, she said: “I did very well with books.”

Moving forward, the organisers plan to hold the event once a month on Saturdays from 11am – 7pm.

Overall, there are “many authentic goods made by Bermudians and other Arts & Crafts, where people can get some amazing bargains”.

“We are always going to be looking for new vendors to join us as the Family and Cultural Market continues to grow.”

For more information call 295-3378 or email: for applications. The vending fee is $25.

Feature Photos Courtesy Of Cordell Riley