• The following statement was released by Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs…
Attorney General Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons

As Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to submit their comments, suggestions and views on the proposed regulated cannabis regime on the official Bermuda Government website www.forum.gov.bm

We are encouraged by the number of responses we have received to date. The feedback from the public on this revised proposal will provide for a regulated cannabis regime, which will be tailored to meet Bermuda’s requirements and models the best available legal provisions in Canada and the Caribbean. The policy intends that the different types of licensed activities will include cultivation by commercial growers, retail cannabis shops, manufacture, research, transport, import, and export. The proposed regulatory requirements for each category of license are illustrated in the draft legislation and policy including a schedule for cannabis retail shops.

The public will recall that in 2019 the Government undertook a consultation process on a proposed medicinal cannabis regime. During that process, it became evident that a significant number of Bermudians want a relaxation of cannabis laws to be a key component in any proposed legislation. Further, many members of public support cannabis reform as both a social justice and economic empowerment initiative. As a result of that feedback, the Government has decided to pivot the scope of the cannabis policy to achieve a regulated cannabis regime.

The public and interested parties are encouraged to comment on the policy document and the illustrative draft Bill during the consultation period.  The consultation documents are available at  www.forum.gov.bm until the 3rd July 2020.

As a reminder, social media posts and media comments are not official submissions. The best way to ensure that your comments and suggestions are reviewed and considered is to go to the official Bermuda Government website www.forum.gov.bm where you will find the consultation documents and instructions on how to send in your views.