Craig Cannonier, Opposition Leader

The Deputy Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance has dismissed reports reaching Bermuda Real that she was being groomed to replace Craig Cannonier as Leader.

When asked whether the OBA was receiving public relations assistance and/or guidance to raise her social media profile, Ms Scott said: “Craig Cannonier has, and will continue to have, my full support as Leader of the OBA.

She flatly denied that the Opposition was “paying for or engaging a social media consultant” to raise her profile.

But she said: “Social media is an invaluable channel for connecting with and gathering feedback from the community.

“With Craig’s full knowledge and support, I have engaged a Bermudian administrator to manage my FB page, as this is my way of ensuring I can share everything I am doing as the MP for Constituency #30, as well as what the OBA is doing as a Party.

Ms Scott added: “I pay for this myself and have found it to be an effective tool and will continue to use this as a means of reaching out to my constituents and the public at large.”