The Gleaner, Jamaica: The Jamaican operators of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) are now preparing to lay off some employees because of the economic impact of the coronavirus.

According to Restaurants of Jamaica, it has been struggling to cope with significant declines in sales and transactions of more than half of its business.

In a statement, the company did not provide the details of the layoffs saying they have not yet been finalised and would first have to be shared with workers.

However, Restaurants of Jamaica said it intends to re-engage employees as quickly as possible.

The company also said those who will be temporarily laid off will still receive their health insurance and other benefits which are still being considered.

It said in full support of government-imposed restrictions to protect the safety of the nation, it has implemented many operational changes.

But with daily curfews for several weeks now, locations are closed during what are usually the most profitable hours.

“Despite the reduction in operating hours and downturn in consumer traffic, we have maintained our full work force throughout this unfortunate crisis up to now,” said a Restaurants of Jamaica spokesperson in the statement.

However, the company said it now needs to find creative ways to sustain its operations and will have to make some painful decisions.