Lawyer Shade Subair Williams has been appointed to Bermuda’s Supreme Court as a new Puisne Judge, effective July 6, 2018.

The announcement was made by Government House on Friday [June 29].

A spokesperson said the appointment was made “following interviews carried out by the Judicial and Legal Services Committee and consultation with the Chief Justice” and Governor John Rankin.

A spokesperson said: “Ms Subair Williams was called to the Bar of England & Wales [Lincoln’s Inn] in 2000 and to the Bermuda Bar in October 2001. She has served as Registrar of the Supreme Court since May 2016 and has often sat as an acting Puisne Judge on the Court.

“Ms Subair Williams brings experience of both civil/commercial law and criminal law to her new role. She is a former Chair of the Bermuda Human Rights Commission and was regularly appointed as an Acting Magistrate from 2005 to 2016. She is an executive member of the Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers and of the British Overseas Territories Judicial Training Committee.”

Governor John Rankin said: “I am very pleased to approve the appointment of Ms Shade Subair Williams to the Bermuda Bench. Ms Subair Williams brings with her a wealth of legal experience which I am confident will serve the Supreme Court well.”