Lawyer Tyrone Quinn, who was found guilty of stealing from his clients, has been granted an adjournment that would see his sentencing ushed back until the New Year.

Quinn, 37, was scheduled to be sentenced yesterday, after he successfully urge the court to adjourn his case until next year, as he had to review legal documents to prepare his defence.

He was found guilty of three counts of theft of $483,000 from compensation payments to his clients.

Currently on remand, he told the court that he had yet to be granted computer access at the Westgate Correctional Facility.

Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe adjourned the case until February 1, when a new sentencing date will be set.

You may recall that Quinn, told the court that he had been approached by two men in 2019 over a “problem” related to an illegal business transaction.

They demanded compensation, but Quinn told the court that he did not know the men or their “problem”

Ultimately, he said he complied with their demands after they threatened him and his family, paying them thousands of dollars and making a range of payments on their behalf.

He also used the funds to make payments unrelated to the threats or the clients, saying that he had always intended to give his clients what they were owed.