According to the latest poll conducted by Global Research, there is strong support for the PLP Government and the OBA Opposition faces an “apparent uphill battle to win back Government”.

The recently concluded poll “shows that the majority of voters approve of the PLP’s performance and leadership, and if an election were held tomorrow the PLP would very likely win a majority of votes”.

The top three concerns cited by the voters when asked what “the biggest issues facing Bermuda today were the economy (49%), unemployment (25%) and education (14%)”.

A representative sample of 402 registered voters were interviewed “in order to provide insight on voting intentions and political performance”.

“Surveys were collected online and via telephone. All surveys and interviews were carried out between September 9 and 13th, 2020.

“The results were weighted to be representative of Bermuda’s population on the following factors: gender, age, and race. The margin of error for the study is +/- 4.9% at the 95% confidence level.”
The Key findings of the research were as follows:
■ Voters stated that the biggest issues facing Bermuda today were the economy (49%), unemployment (25%) and education (14%).
■ If an election were held tomorrow, 50% would vote PLP, 17% would vote OBA and 8% would vote for the Freedom Democratic Movement (FDM). 14% were undecided on who they would vote for. 1% stated they would vote for an Independent, 1% stated that they would spoil their ballot, and 8% refused to give a response.
■ 54% approved of the PLP’s performance since they were elected, 21% disapproved and 25% were unsure. 76% approved of David Burt’s performance as Premier, compared to 9% who disapproved and 15% who were unsure.
■ 12% approved of the OBA’s performance as opposition, 64% disapproved and 24% were unsure. 12% approved of Craig Cannonier’s performance as Opposition Leader, compared to 63% who disapproved and 25% who were unsure.
■ 42% approved of the formation of the Freedom Democratic Movement, compared to 21% who disapproved and 37% who were unsure. 37% approved of Mark Bean as leader of Freedom Democratic Movement (FDM), compared to 21% who disapproved
and 42% who were unsure.
Leslie Steede, Director of Research at Global Research comments on insights revealed from the poll:
“On a national level, the results show very strong voter support for the PLP going into the October 1, 2020 election. Party’s that can communicate effective plans for improving the economy, job creation and education will have a chance of increasing voter support during the next few weeks leading up to the election.”
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