Proud to be Bermudian is the buzz word for two young Bermmudians pushing their way through a major breakthrough, to top the charts, when they reached the number one spot on the Billboard National Gospel Chart.

Bermudians Tricray Astwood and Adrian Jones, better known as Last Call, are today preparing to release a statement on their recent feat, but that’s not how we roll at Bermuda Real.

They just arrived back on island after attending the Stellar Awards in Las Vegas after a short radio tour on the east coast of the United States.

When contacted by Bermuda Real this morning, Tricray said : “We think that’s what gave us the push to the number one spot.”

And it was clear that they were still riding high on their recent success.

Two days ago, Tricray shared this on his Facebook page: “We never knew the song would get this far – perhaps top 20 but never number 1.

“We are extremely humbled and blessed that this has happened.”

Two days ago, he wrote: “This chart is revered as the biggest chart in gospel music and would signify that we have the top song in the entire United States of America!!!

“We are truly thankful to God for keeping his word and promises! To our significant others @mykiee_xo (Adrian’s wife) and @_itsme.capri_ (Tricray’s fiancé) we couldn’t have did this without your unwavering support and help!

“We love you soooo [sic] much! To @apostle_veryl_howard_ aka manager of the year!

“There aren’t enough words to describe how blessed we are to have you in our lives to lead our careers and teach us on the things of this crazy industry! We look forward to the many more adventures we will take together!

“Last but certainly not least to @fredjerkins The greatest producer alive! Thank you for believing in us the way you do! We are grateful for everything you and DarkChild Gospel do for us!! Our future is bright!”

One of his biggest fans who has been there from before the beginning, Tracey Small, Tricray’s mother also shared her beaming pride via social media.

Reflecting on her son’s journey, Ms Small wrote: “As I sit here thinking back over 20 yrs [sic] ago with tears in my eyes a prophesy was spoken over my sons life at Radnor Road Christian Fellowship that one day his voice will be heard Internationally…he will be noticed by Great people and his Ministry will reach way past the shores of Bermuda…but he was warned that it will not come without a price..if he remained faithful and just trust in God not Men it will come to pass.

“…I have seen my son stick to the wicket through trails upon trails which most people dont even know.
“He is one strong young man who dont break easy…Today I just wanna [sic] say how proud I am of the man he has become in all areas…LOVE YOU TRICRAY WALTER TRISTAN ASTWOOD..CONGRATS LAST CALL!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!#1Billboard gospel song in America.”
Asked what he would say to his fellow young Black Bermudian males striving for a breakthrough, Tricray replied: “We believe that you can do anything you want!
“All it takes is passion, persistence, and prayer.
“It’s important to surround yourselves around people that are for you and be open to constructive criticism from those who have excelled in the field you are trying to go in.”
As stated from the top, we’ll keep you posted, with the follow up on the press release for the rest of the local media – whenever – we’re NOT on that clock!
In the interim, on behalf of Bermuda Real – congratulations – keep going – the sky is NOT the limit!