New York Daily News: By Dan Clarendon – Lance Reddick’s cause of death remains a question mark this week after an attorney for the Reddick family said a reported death certificate for the actor is “inconsistent with the facts known to the family.”

On Thursday, TMZ reported it had obtained Reddick’s death certificate, listing the 60-year-old’s cause of death as ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic coronary artery disease.

However, in a statement to the Los Angeles Times on Friday, attorney James E. Hornstein said the reported cause of death was “not a result of an autopsy” and is “inconsistent with the facts known to the family.”

Hornstein added that “no autopsy was performed” on the “John Wick” actor and that, as far Hornstein knows, “no medical examination of Lance during his lifetime ever indicated such conditions.”

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick – Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

The attorney also said Reddick was “the most physically fit person” he has ever known, explaining that Reddick did daily exercise at his home gym — including “extensive cardio work” — and ate “as if a dietitian was monitoring his every meal.”

“The information appearing on the death certificate is wholly inconsistent with his lifestyle,” Hornstein concluded. “On behalf of [his wife] Stephanie Reddick, the death certificate information is not corroborated and is inconsistent with the facts known to the family.”

Reddick passed away at home in Studio City, Calif., on March 17, one week before the release of “John Wick: Chapter 4,” in which he once again played concierge Charon. At the time, Hornstein said the actor died of natural causes.

After Reddick’s death, “John Wick: Chapter 4″ star Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski dedicated the film to his memory. “We are deeply saddened and heartbroken at the loss of our beloved friend and colleague Lance Reddick,” Reeves and Stahelski said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “He was the consummate professional and a joy to work with. Our love and prayers are with his wife Stephanie, his children, family and friends. … We will miss him dearly.”