On Monday, wife of the Party Leader, Mrs Kristin Burt unveiled nine community libraries to a room full of students and young children in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the PLP first victory. 

As a part of the PLP’s weekend of events, Mrs. Burt and her team hosted a small ceremony to display the libraries that will be placed in each parish across the island. 

A party spokeswoman said: “The boxes were created by students from Cedarbridge Academy and The Berkeley Institute who were tasked with creating community libraries and designing them with a touch of Bermudian flavour. Members of the community were asked to donate books for all ages to be included in the libraries. 

“Guest readers were Premier David Burt, Mrs Burt, Ms Ashanti Caesar and Ms Davida Morris. 

Mr Burt said: “I’m really proud of this initiative, both because of the community support we received today and the lasting community engagement the community libraries will foster in the future.

“Our senior school students have blown us away with their design and engineering skills, and their work will be on display in parks across the island for all to enjoy. The community libraries were a great way to give back to Bermuda as we ended our weekend of events that commemorated the 20th anniversary of the first PLP victory.

“We would also like to thank the Students from both CedarBridge Academy and The Berkeley Institute for their hard work and their involvement in this community event.”

  • Special Thanks to: Cedarbridge Academy Teacher – Neville Zuill and Jason Wade – Board of Governors, 
  • Upper School Team Members: Rodrigo Guerreiro – Group Leader, Jaire Lawrence Salaam and Liliana Moniz
  • Lower School Team Members: Bruce Gibbons, Devon Augustus, Faizon Augustus and Shaun Bremar
  • The Berkeley Institute: Cejae Warner, Filipe Carreiro, Zahdai Simons, Malik Smith, Dimitrius Richardson, Shane Richards, Kambre Swanson-Richardson, Okari Williams, Micah Richardson, Jaheim Iris, Jose’ Dillas, Aaron Paynter, Tejuan Philips, Azir Harvey and Jahmenelik Woolridge
  • Teachers: Trevor Haynes, Gregory Sargeant, Sandra Burrows and Tonisha Key-Hoi