Jayson Jackson, the newly appointed Golf Superintendent for the Bermuda Government Golf Course (Ocean View & Port Royal) delivered a lecture to students enrolled in the Turfgrass Management Program at his alma mater the University of Guelph. 

The lecture which took place via zoom on February 15th 2022, The university has invited Mr. Jackson to deliver a lecture  on the topic surrounding International Work Experience. 

Even though over 55 golf courses in the top 100 in Canada are in Ontario alone, the importance of gaining overseas exposure is imperative to the overall growth of these future Turfgrass Managers.

Jayson Jackson proudly shared: “To be invited to speak at the University of Guelph, via Zoom, because of my international experienced obtained in North America, Asia and the Caribbean is an absolute privilege.”

Jackson continued: “The meeting with the University of Guelph students was phenomenal. Students from Olds College, Alberta, Canada, Turfgrass Management Program attending the meeting which was a welcomed surprise.

“In my presentation, I shared the importance of learning local languages, networking and improving their overall agronomic knowledge of turfgrasses amongst many other important facets of the industry.“

Kim Swan, JP MP , Chairman of Bermuda Government Golf Courses shared: “We are most proud of Jayson Jackson. His work ethic is exceptional, but above all, he continues to study his trade and is forward thinking.

“It is a good reflection on us when one of our management team is called upon to provide such a lecture.“