Struggling to know what to get someone you love for Christmas? This year you can donate blood in their honour and give them a special Christmas Card thanking them for helping to save a life over the holidays.

Everyone who donates blood from Monday, December 11th through to the New Year, will be able to write a note for the person they love in a special card when they donate then present it to them at Christmas.

“When someone’s life is precious to you, you understand how precious the gift of life may be to someone else,” said Lucy Correia, Blood Donor Centre nurse.

“Christmas is about more than money and presents. Donating blood in honour of someone you care is a gift that has no price. You are truly giving of yourself and your time. This is a unique way of saying what someone means to you – and it only takes 30 minutes! 

“People often fear donating because of needles – but it is never as painful as you think, and we do all we can to make you as comfortable as possible. To be able to say to a loved one that you faced your fear for their gift, will perhaps say more about how important they are to you than anything else.”

Dr Eyityo Fakunle, Consultant Haematologist said: “All the blood we use is from volunteers in Bermuda and so every donation makes a difference to someone in our community. Our regular donors can give a special recognition to a special friend or family member if they are donating over this time, and we truly hope that people who may not have thought of donating before will see the opportunity for a unique and amazing gift. 

“Our usual criteria will apply, so people should ask the nurses when they call the Blood Donor Centre at 236-5067 or email to make an appointment. Our criteria is also available on the website at

“Please think of donating over Christmas and beyond – your donation may save a life, or help treat someone with cancer or sickle cell. Your gift truly makes a difference and shows you care.

  • Photo Courtesy of BHB: Blood Donor Team from left to right – Lucy Correia and Alma Lou Polinar-Swainson (Blood Donor Nurses), Betsy Blood Drop (Blood Donor Mascot aka Blood Donor Nurse Susan Deverteuil) and Dr Eyityo Fakunle, Consultant Haematologist