Bermuda’s own Kaden Hopkins came in with a podium finish to secure the island’s first medal at the Junior Pan American Games in Colombia, where he claimed a silver medal on Wednesday (Dec 1).

Averaging 31.5 mph in the 16 mile time trial, the young cyclist finished a mere four seconds behind the winner, who hails from Colombia – Victor Ocampo, who was ten seconds ahead of Joao Rossi of Brazil.

Bermuda teammate Conor White finished in 7th place with an average speed of just under 30 mph.

Bermuda Bicycling Association President Peter Dunne said: “Kaden’s podium performance today (Dec 1) and Conor’s strong ride were a complete thrill to hear from Dominique. Both of them have had great 2021 seasons and this is a fantastic way to bring it to a crescendo.

“The entire cycling community in Bermuda, as well as our colleagues in the Caribbean, are so thrilled to have Kaden and Conor flying our flag so prominently. Friday’s road race will be another opportunity for our guys to show what they are capable of on this stage.”

Our Team Bermuda cyclists will be representing a strong trio in the 130 kilometer road race on Friday, when Hopkins and White will be joined by Nic Narraway.

Team manager and coach, Dominique Mayho is accompanying Team Bermuda in Colombia.

Congratulations Kaden! Well Done!