Just Cleaners has notified staff that effective October 15, the company will shutdown operations.

In a letter issued this month the company said it had “experienced significant difficulties over the past months”.

Despite “cost-cutting” efforts “in other areas” and “infrastructure changes”, the letter said: “It is not enough to sustain the business”.

“As a result of these issues and necessary change in operational requirements, regrettably the company is constrained to close operations effective October 15.”

Just Cleaners made news headlines earlier this month when two staff members complained that they had not been paid for services rendered for months.

On that note, the company said: “Further, the company has and will continue to make all efforts to ensure all dues will be provided [to] you after handover of the company to the appointed Official Receiver/liquidator.

“It is expected that a separate status letter outlining the status of your benefits upon termination will be provided, per the company’s counsel.”

An employee-meeting is due to be held “at the soonest to provide formal notification of status of action on operational requirements and to provide an opportunity to address any questions as best we are able”, the company added.

“We want you to know that this is not a statement about your work for the company. You have been a dedicated, contributing employee.

“If you wish us to provide references, please let us know. We will do what we can to assist you during the transition.”

The letter is signed Just Cleaners Management.

Meanwhile a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Labour, Community Affairs and Sport said the Ministry “continues to monitor” the situation.

But she said: “The Ministry is limited in what it can offer in terms of comment due to the fact that complaints and inquiries made to the labour relations section are confidential.”