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Former United Bermuda Party MP and interim leader of the One Bermuda Alliance, John Barritt flatly denied that he was “jilted” because he was promised a seat in the Senate, when he gave up his seat in the Lower House for Craig Cannonier.

He was responding to the report by Bermuda Real this weekend on the reaction to the General Election results by former Premier Dr Ewart Brown, who said: “The OBA is in the Intensive Care Unit and their blood pressure is falling rapidly.”

In our post election wrap up our report said the Progressive Labour Party’s Vance Campbell “took the seat in C9 vacated by the OBA’s Trevor Moniz”.

“As it turns out, he was canvassing with the OBA’s jilted former MP John Barritt, who was promised a seat in the Senate by the OBA for giving up his seat to Craig Cannonier,” the report added.

“How Trevor Moniz feels about his long stronghold grip on that constituency that vanished – we will ask him in due course, but for now how he feels doesn’t matter.

“As for the six OBA MP’s left still standing with a party that’s literally dead at the end of the day, who knows.

“Either way the OBA’s Craig Cannonier, Michael Dunkley, Cole Simons, Susan Jackson, Scott Pearman, and Jarion Richardson, ultimately were reduced to five of the 11 seats they once held and they stand alone.”

Mr Barritt contacted Bermuda Real after reading the report to say: “Jilted? Because I was promised a seat in the Senate?

“Sorry, not true, although that’s what some would have you believe.
“My disillusionment with the OBA runs a lot deeper than that – as it does now, I believe, for hundreds of other voters up and down the Island,” he added.
“Yes, I canvassed with and for Vance. I think he would and will make a good MP. He and I have been working together at the Bermuda Housing Trust for seniors for the past nine years, and working well.
Vance Campbell, PLP

“There are no political differences between Vance and I when it comes to public service and working in the best interests of the people of Bermuda, in this case seniors,” said Mr Barritt.

“I have not been a member of any political party since I stepped aside back in 2011 and I was happy to go beyond old traditional political lines and to support Vance who, frankly, I thought was the better candidate and deserved the opportunity to serve on his third try in Constituency 9.  He of course is responsible for his success at the polls on this try. His determination and his perseverance saw him through.”
He also stated that he “said as much” when he worked for the daily newspaper on election night and on their Facebook page.
In hindsight, he acknowledged the fact that this journalist was live on the air on election night on Fresh TV, via the Bermuda News Syndicate, which also includes TNN and that broadcast was streamed live around the world.

To be clear; in no uncertain terms, that means no one in our crew was watching them. Frankly we didn’t care – we were busy doing our own live programme!

In any case, this follow up report sets the record straight.