Celebrating 40 years of working at the Little Venice Group, a special luncheon was held to mark the milestone of Joan Williams.

A spokesperson said: “Not all shining stars are on the front lines! Joan Williams has been steadily working behind the scenes counting the numbers in the accounts department for the Little Venice Group for decades, starting as an accounts clerk for Little Venice, La Trattoria, Harbourfront and The Club and now heading up the revenue management and internal checks for a far larger group than when she started.

“Joan began when the MEF office was located in the International building on Bermudiana Road with a miniscule staff and moved to their Reid Street location next to Marks and Spencers in 1989 as the group expanded.

“On Tuesday, January 30th, Joan will celebrate 40 years of being with the group. A special lunch in honor of Joan was held on Monday to celebrate this milestone, organized by all her colleagues and attended by the group’s Directors Emilio Barbieri, Gioacchino ‘Jacky’ Di Meglio, Teresa Chatfield & Stefania Di Meglio.

“Whilst Emilio, Jacky & Teresa have a combined 140 years in the group, they are happy to see another long-standing employee join the very small number who have passed the forty-year mark. Joan, over and above being an extremely loyal, hard-working and dedicated employee, has been part of the MEF group through thick and thin. We have been lucky to have Joan in the office and as a part of the MEF family.”

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