Sports Release: Bermuda Bicycle Association (BBA) – VT Construction/Madison rider Jamie Cousins clinched a maiden victory in the annual President’s Cup after a powerful two man effort assisted by junior Nic Narraway.

The race which takes in a full 100 kilometer circuit of the island was billed as another opportunity for Dominique Mayho to demonstrate his dominance and to create a window for the juniors to shine through.

Leaving St George’s after approximately 25 kilometers, a lead breakaway including Cousins, Mayho, Narraway, Alexander Miller and Caitlin Conyers, and they quickly established a gap of over a minute on the chasing peloton.

With the strong tailwind pressing the riders westward, this was now clearly the winning move.  Unfortunately, as the pace at the front eased slightly on Shark Hole Hill, a brief touch of wheels by Alexander Miller brought him down quickly and Conyers as well.  Mayho stopped to check on Conyers while Cousins and Narraway continued and formed the winning pair.

Although Mayho eventually rejoined the chase, the wind was out of his sails and the lead duo continued to expand their lead. Coming into the final stretch on Harbour Road Cousins was able to out-power his younger rival to take the victory and the silver cup.  Mayho came home in third on his own and junior Liam Flannery won the sprint from the remnants of the peloton, including impressive pre-juniors Moses Johnson and Cameron Morris.

Conyers, despite her crash was able to eventually continue and completed the course though in pain.  The first woman was Maddie Durkin who was able to work with the second chase group to secure the top spot on the women’s podium with Ashley Couper in second and Nicole Mitchell rounding out the top three.
This was the final road race of the BBA’s 2019 calendar.  Mountain bike racing will commence in November and continue through March with a seven race series, national championships and a long endurance event of 50 kilometers.
BBA President’s Cup Results, October 6, 2019 – Race Director: Peter Dunne, Chief Referee: Charles Thresh
Results Provided By: Bermuda Timing Systems
Overall Name Team Category Total Time Category Position
1 Jamie Cousins VT Consturction/Madison Open Male 2:35:08 1
2 Nicholas Narraway Winners Edge Junior Male 2:35:09 1
3 Dominique Mayho VT Consturction/Madison Open Male 2:40:06 2
4 Liam Flannery Bermuda Junior Cycling Junior Male 2:42:36 2
5 Adam Kirk Winners Edge Open Male 2:42:37 3
6 Cameron Morris VT Consturction/Madison Junior Male 2:42:37 3
7 Moses Johnson BRCC Junior Male 2:42:38 4
8 Fabian Schonenberg VT Consturction/Madison Open Male 2:42:38 4
9 Kwame Curling VT Consturction/Madison Open Male 2:42:38 5
10 Anthony Bartley Winners Edge Open Male 2:42:41 6
11 Alan Mooney Independent Open Male 2:42:42 7
12 Tommy Marshall Bermuda Junior Cycling Junior Male 2:42:52 5
13 Kian Wookey BRCC Open Male 2:42:54 8
14 Steven Smith VT Consturction/Madison Open Male 2:43:02 9
15 Tracy Wright Winners Edge Open Male 2:43:04 10
16 Maddie Durkin VT Consturction/Madison Open Female 2:43:04 1
17 Christopher Eaton BRCC Open Male 2:43:04 11
18 Darren Glasford Winners Edge Open Male 2:44:05 12
19 Wouter Aarts BRCC Open Male 2:48:09 13
20 Pete Crayford Independent Open Male 2:50:01 14
21 Toby Wright VT Consturction/Madison Open Male 2:50:11 15
22 Keiran Malott Bermuda Junior Cycling Junior Male 2:50:18 5
23 Ashley Couper VT Consturction/Madison Open Female 2:51:07 2
24 Stephen Paynter Independent Open Male 2:51:27 16
25 Mark Hatherley Winners Edge Open Male 2:51:34 17
26 Nicole Mitchell Winners Edge Open Female 2:51:40 3
27 Dennis Fagundo BRCC Open Male 2:53:01 18
28 Caitlin Conyers Bicycle Works Open Female 3:04:38 4
29 Mark Lombardi BRCC Open Male 3:09:21 19
30 Otis Ingham Winners Edge Open Male 3:20:27 20
DNF Chase Burgess Independent Open Male
DNF Timothy Fox Winners Edge Open Male
DNF Kent Richardson Winners Edge Open Male
DNF Alexander Miller Winners Edge Junior Male
DNS Adam Harbutt VT Consturction/Madison Open Male
BBA 2019 Presidents Cup
October 6, 2019