Jamaica Observer: KINGSTON – It is no secret that Jamaica has long been an ideal getaway destination for tourists. But according to Forbes Magazine, “the picturesque Caribbean island, boasting lush topography of mountains, dazzling rainforests and reef-lined beaches”, is now leading the world for being in demand, as cited by Travel Agent Central.

The travel trade website is reporting that Jamaica leads the world in demand and capacity.

According to the site’s statistics, when it comes to demand (searches for the destination), the island leads the rest of the world by 18 percent. Jamaica’s demand stands at 38 percent to 24 percent for the rest of the world.

In terms of capacity (air seats flown or scheduled), Jamaica stands at 65 percent when compared to 44 percent for the rest of the world.

Forbes Magazine reports that a large part of Jamaica’s demand is due in part to the island’s top-notch hospitality “kicking into full gear” once more with “hotels, resorts and restaurants rolling out the red carpet for visitors.”

Still, while the warmth of the people is a huge attraction, the luxury lifestyle magazine says the island’s “true beauty” lies in the “mix of people who call the island their home.”

“When you visit Jamaica you’ll meet friendly smiling faces and a people endowed with an innate spirit of hospitality. Jamaicans are loud and joyful, effervescent and exuberant, with an energy that is felt worldwide through their music and culture,” it shared.

“The true beauty of Jamaica is the mix of people who call this island their home. It is the basis of Jamaica’s national motto, “Out of Many, One People.”

Name-dropping popular tourist attractions including YS Falls and Lover’s Leap, Forbes Magazine concludes that “time spent in Jamaica is sure to be filled with an adventure that is hard to duplicate in other parts of the world.”