The Gleaner: KINGSTON, Jamaica: Three former officials at the Manchester Municipal Corporation and their co-accused have been sentenced to a total of nine years imprisonment.

A fifth accused was fined $3 million.

Sentencing was handed down this afternoon in the Manchester Parish Court.

Sentencing details below:

* Sanja Elliott, former deputy superintendent of roads and works –  Five years in prison on charges of conspiracy to defraud, obtaining money by false pretences, engaging in a transaction that involves criminal property, possession of criminal property and an act of corruption.

* David Harris, former secretary manager – 16 months in prison on charges of conspiracy to defraud and an act of corruption.

* Kendale Roberts, former temporary works overseer – 18 months in prison on charges of conspiracy to defraud, uttering forged documents and an act of corruption.

* Dwayne Sibbles, carpenter  – 12 months in prison on a charge of conspiracy to defraud

* Tashagaye Goulbourne-Elliott, wife of Sanja Elliott – $3 million fine. (If fine not paid then one year in prison. That is, six months on each count consecutively). Two counts facilitating the retention of criminal property.

All were convicted in March for their roles in a fraud scheme that fleeced the local government authority out of approximately $400 million.

The scheme involved the use of fictitious invoices for the payment of monies for services that were never provided.

Elliott’s mother, Myrtle, and bank teller Radcliffe McLean were freed of all charges by senior parish judge Ann-Marie Grainger, who presided over the case.

Elliott’s father, Edwardo, who was also arrested and charged in connection with the fraudulent scheme, was freed earlier this year.