The Gleaner, Jamaica: Falmouth Mayor Collen Gager is calling for the installation of additional surveillance cameras around the Trelawny capital in the aftermath of Sunday’s daring heist in which criminals posing as police officers robbed a Chinese businessman of J$14 million and also stole his licensed firearm and several rounds of ammunition.

Gager said the technology was crucial to cracking down on criminals and increasing deterrence.

“I have been discussing that (the robberies), and I believe that we should be having a meeting soon, especially with the business people from the Chinese community, because we think that one of the best investment for the township of Falmouth is getting cameras so that it covers everything,” said Gager.

“We have CCTV cameras, but we don’t have enough for the township, so we are now thinking that every business place should be covered, every street should be covered.”

The mayor also expressed grave concern about the allegations that Sunday’s robbers were police imposters.

“I have heard that the robbery was carried out by police impersonators … if this is true, I will be meeting with the commanding officer to discuss a way forward because the police are doing an excellent job, and we do not want criminals shedding negativity on our police.”