Members of the Jamaican Association Bermuda (JAB), are hoping to obtain a sizeable boost in funds from their Private Premiere next week of ‘One Love’, at Specialty Cinema.

The first biopic produced on the late great Robert Nester Bob Marley, will run as a fundraiser for their Community Outreach Initiatives and the Hazel Christopher Scholarship Fund.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, Roxanne Christopher, Ms Christopher’s daughter, said part proceeds will facilitate a number of services the JAB provides to assist families.

“We provide computer equipment, there are legal issues that families may have, that they are unable to qualify for legal aid, so we assist in that particular capacity.

“We assist in most areas, but significantly a lot in food drives and supporting families.”

As past president of the JAB, she said she has always been a member of the JAB. “And so is my son,” she added.

Her mother, who died in 2012, was hailed as a giant icon in Bermuda’s West Indian community, was one in a small group of West Indians, including the late former Chief Justice of Bermuda, Austin Ward, who forrmed Association.

In the lead up to the event, Ms Christopher shared via social media, how both she and her brother witnessed the One Love Concert at the National Stadium in Jamaica in 1978, when Bob Marley had Seaga & Manley on stage.

“To now be able to experience the first movie on Bob Marley ‘One Love’, I am anxious as there are so many memories of being a little girl playing and running around the field.

“Not realizing that our small family was a part of history, at this magical concert that inspired a generation around the world,” she wrote.

“Come out and support this fundraiser in honour of my Mom’s Scholarship Fund offered by the Jamaican Association, Bermuda.”

The Hazel Christopher Educational Award is an annual award given in honour of the Late Mrs Hazel Christopher (1931 – 2012).

Recipients must be an official Resident of Bermuda and either one or all of the following:

a) Jamaican National; b) Child of a Jamaican National; (c) Immediate family member of a Jamaican National (eg spouse, grandchild etc).

Primary criteria for the award includes: Academic achievement, an academic or job report obtained in the year of application, community service hours – (at least 100 documented hours in the year of application), Leadership/extracurricular involvement including any Special Awards and Recognition received and a pledge to “Pay It Forward” by being actively involved in the Jamaican Association during the tenure of the Award.

As a lifelong seamstress, Hazel Christopher was hailed as a “champion for the underdog” when she started out at Calypso in 1968 and opened her own business on Court Street in 1974.

That business became the place to go for “celebration, pain, turmoil and support”.

Her daughter recalled how “it was in that store where the West Indian Association (Bermuda) was founded”.

“It was formed in the pursuit of justice for a Jamaican woman married to a Bermudian and resident in Bermuda who was denied the right to enrol her children in the Bermudian school system, at a time when the general public sentiment about West Indians was that they were ‘jump ups’ and therefore not entitled to the same rights as Bermudians,” she said, in an article published shortly after her mother’s death.

“This case, which became commonly known as the Fisher case (Ministry of Home Affairs & Another v Fisher, 1979) which was fought all the way to the Privy Council, has become a landmark case in this jurisdiction.”

The first Hollywood style premiere was held in Jamaica on January 23, with the London premiere rolling out a week later.

The biopic opens in Kingston in 1976, with Marley planning a peace concert in response to deep political divisions and violence.

Then it moves on to London, after both Marley and Rita survived an assassination attempt while recording the hit album Exodus.

To this day, Marley’s music sits on charts globally, 42 years after his death on May 11 in 1981 with his music still relevant today.

Globally, there are statues of Bob Marley around the world, in Serbia, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and in Liverpool, England, as a testament to the reggae icon’s stature around the world.

Bob Marley: One Love was produced in partnership with the Marley family and stars Kingsley Ben-Adir, Lashana Lynch, Tosin Cole, Anthony Welsh, Michael Gandolfini, Umi Myers, and Nadine Marshall.

The director, Reinaldo Marcus Green was recently told Empire Magazine in an interview: “After Jesus, he’s probably the most recognisable face on the planet! Bob is uniquely universal.”

The Private Premiere in Bermuda rolls out on February 15 at Specialty Cinema.

At last check, there were only a limited amount of tickets left in the lead up to the premiere, as the countdown continues.