Jamaica Observer: KINGSTON, Jamaica — People’s National Party (PNP) Secretary Julian Robinson says in calling the General Elections, the Andrew Holness led Government chose their own interests over the health and welfare of Jamaicans.

He was speaking during a PNP digital press conference focused on “Managing the COVID Crisis in Jamaica” earlier today.

Noting that the decision to call an election is ultimately the prime minister’s call, Robinson said the prime minister had until March next year when the full term of the Government would expire.

“The Government and the prime minister would have access to data that other persons wouldn’t have and clearly at the time the election was called, we were experiencing a spike in the COVID cases,” he said.

“Everybody knows the political culture in Jamaica, that we have Nomination Day where you have large gatherings, meetings where there are going to be interactions, so inevitably the campaign is going to contribute to an increase in COVID cases.

“Now obviously as a party once an election is called we have to contest it. We don’t have an option but I think the Government and the prime minister did have an option and they had information and from my perspective they chose what I would consider their own interests over the health and welfare of the majority of the Jamaican people. But we are committed to contesting, we are committed to winning and we intend to win on September 3,” Robinson said.

Julian Robinson, People’s National Party Secretary, JA