• In recognition of the winning entries by eight Middle and Senior School Female Students who entered the BPS Short Essay Contest in Honour of International Women’s Day 2019, Bermuda Real will feature each of the winning submissions, with the essay by Clearwater Middle School Student Kimora Waddell-Smith 
Women Empowerment by Kimora Waddell-Smith
When I think of empowerment, I think of how women are mistreated. Here is an essay with 3 traits that I believe are important to empowerment.
Equality is a very touchy topic to me because I believe everybody should be treated right no matter what sex, age and, color. India’s abuse of women is the biggest human rights violation on Earth. In 2016 the rape of minor girls increased by 82% compared with the previous year. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!
Power is one of the things that ALL women have. We are fighting to make this world a better Place. Power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
Belief is very important because in order to achieve you have to believe in yourself when I was young my mom always told me the body can achieve want the mind believes.
In conclusion I think if we actually invest in the young girls in our community maybe we can have the first Female President or maybe our First female Fire Chief. Or maybe I can serve in the Police department like my Godma Chaquita. Girls Run This World.
By Kimora Waddell-Smith
  • The eight Female Student #IWD2019 Short Essay Contest Winners Recognised were: Aaliyah Lee – The Berkeley Institute, Amirh Wade – The Berkeley Institute, Emilia Stowe – The Berkeley Institute (not pictured), Alexis Lodge – Bermuda High School, McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett – Warwick Academy (not pictured), Katarina Rance – Bermuda High School (not pictured), Kimora Waddell-Smith – Clearwater Middle School, Marley Brown – Bermuda Institute
  • There were 6 senior school winners (from The Berkeley Institute, Bermuda High School & Warwick Academy) and 2 middle school winners (from Clearwater Middle School & Bermuda Institute)
  • The young ladies met Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley and were given a behind the scenes look at the operation of the Bermuda Police Service by four women in positions of leadership within the organisation – Superintendent Na’imah Astwood, Inspector Tracy Burgess, Detective Inspector Derricka Burns & Detective Inspector Karema Flood
  • BPS thanks all students that entered – their essays showed great insight and a commitment to #BalanceforBetter!