Area residents from Constituencies 9 through to 13, in Devonshire and Smith’s Parish are being urged to make their concerns known at the next monthly PLP Meet & Greet this Saturday.

Minister Diallo Rabain, Christ Famous, Senator Vance Campbell and Dr Ernest Peets will be on hand to meet constituents on April 7th from 2pm to 5pm at Elliott Primary School.

April’s Meet and Greet will feature presentations by Dr Claudette Fleming, Executive Director of Age Concern, who will speak on the benefits of being a member. Jnd Junior Minister for Disabilities, Tinee Furbert, will speak on issues concerning both seniors and the disabled.

Our goal is to disseminate pertinent information to all residents of Bermuda. In this instance, we have been blessed to be able to share advice for our seniors and those who find themselves with any form of disability.

Please come and share your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to see from your MPs and concerns for your area.

Sandwiches and snacks will be available. We look forward to meeting with you and your families this Saturday, April 7th between 2pm to 5pm at Elliot Primary School.

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