Bermuda Real can report good news out of Miami today, where the 12-month-old baby boy, who is at the centre of a police investigation after he was rushed to King Edward Memorial VII Hospital and airlifted overseas for further treatment.

We have obtained video of the young child, who underwent major surgery last week and he’s up and about, walking and talking and may have been discharged this weekend.

While we have yet to receive clearance to publish the video, it was great to see this child back on his feet, although one side of his head was shaved for the surgery, and you can see bruising around of his eyes, which is still swollen.

According to a close relative, he was airlifted to Miami due to heavy turbulence on the US eastern seaboard on  the day of his departure, which was also delayed out of Bermuda for a few hours due to high winds.

He was accompanied by his mother and grandmother and other relatives. We’ll have more in due course but the good news is this young baby boy is a fighter and he’s recovering. 

And for now. we will leave it there as the investigation continues.