The word impersonator, by definition is a person who pretends to be someone else for entertainment or fraud – one or the other.

Take a good look at the photo, she doesn’t look like a fraudster, so let’s go with entertainment. When it comes down to motive, or what this woman was thinking when she decided to do a voice note impersonating Ceola Wilson doing a sick, twisted, report full of falsehoods on another woman’s tragic death – I really don’t know.

On that voice note she said “Ceola here”, then ran off a whole heap of hurtful information, then sent it out via social media. The voice note circled the planet in warp speed just before Christmas. I was actually notified first by a Bermudian living in England.

Until I stepped into my house that day to hear the phone ringing off the hook, with my mother asking me if I did some news report on a woman’s death, I had no clue what was going on. Then I checked my cell phone, which by the way, stays on silent because it never shuts up, and it was blowing up.

Within a matter of minutes, I had the voice note. I didn’t even have to ask for it – it was sent to me by various individuals in Bermuda, the UK, the US,  and a host of other regions. Within a matter of hours I had this woman’s name, address and photographs.

And get this, within 24 hours, I received a message from one of this impersonators own children, expressing their disgust about what their mother had done.

What did she do? She did a fake news report, purporting to be Ceola Wilson, and rattled off information that was not entirely true.

But more importantly, she chose to add to a family”s pain at the height of their grief due to the tragic loss of a loved one. I’m told that some of that woman’s relatives and friends first heard of her death via this fake news voice note.

Out of respect for the family of the deceased, I decided to wait until after the burial before doing anything. In the interim, I contacted the husband of my good friend, who I met this woman through.

I explained to him my concerns, I told him that she owes the family of the deceased and me an apology, and that she needs to make contact. I received two missed calls from an unknown number – there was no message, so I can only assume that it was her, but who knows.

What I do know is days later, you Tiffany Robinson opted not to make contact for whatever reason. And frankly I could care less because you did not care enough NOT to do what you did!

Surely, you must have known that my public knows the voice of Ceola Wilson. Like it or not – there is only ONE! And they all knew that it wasn’t me!

And surely, you must have known that people would recognise your voice Tiffany Robinson, and from what I gather, they are not impressed with whatever it is you intended either.

What you need to know, since you missed the MEMO and chose to put my name on whatever it is you intended is that I am not the one! 

Life in the public eye is not an easy road even if you make it look easy – don’t ever get it twisted. But here’s the twister – people who do bad things in the dark HATE the LIGHT!

And the spotlight is where I live. See that court of public opinion – it is my dominion!

Now that your dark has turned to light – this spotlight, I have one question for you Tiffany Robinson – how does it feel?

You would want to think about that the next time you get another twisted idea to impersonate a real reporter, mess with their reputation and their integrity for whatever reason.

I thought long and hard before I published this. I took legal advice, talked to the police and took wise counsel from the best of my advisors. They all said that ultimately it was up to me.

I decided to use you as a deterrent because this is not the first time someone has targeted me and my family like this. And I’m even more upset by what you did to the family of the deceased on top of all that.

Something else you need to know – my rule is: “Don’t start none and there won’t be none!” But if you start, you best believe I will shut it down! And when I come for you I am not going to hide like a coward – I will be there in the full glare of public scrutiny!

Welcome to my world and my stage – Enjoy the backlash!