The following comments were submitted as a Letter to the Editor this morning, for publication on the condition of anonymity, on the 2021 Cup Match fallout, as the appeal for support continues less than two weeks away from the two-day event at St George’s Cricket Club…

Very early on I said Cup Match will be a financial disaster if it went ahead this year.

The economic conditions are a bit bleak. I don’t want to be an alarmist but those are the facts. But because King David keeps us living in a binary world. He only sees one side. All for a very grand Black party.

Business/Sponsors don’t see enough in it for them and we don’t have enough clout to sponsor it ourselves. I bet you a pound to a penny King David goes in the current account and backs or guarantees it. Folly, Folly, all is Folly.

The limited number of attendees and efforts to make it work financially are the deterrent to business with narrow margins already.
No one sets out to lose money now or draw on already depleted reserves.
Both clubs should have spoken long and hard with sponsors before hand.
You can’t plan it then hope they will come.
That used to be the case – not now.
When will we get it?