As of 11:30am today Hurricane Teddy was listed as a potential threat to Bermuda with residents advised to expect “hazardous swells and very unsettled conditions late this weekend”.

According to the Bermuda Weather Service: “Bright and mainly dry weather will now remain for the rest of the week into Saturday as a ridge builds over us.

“We continue to monitor Hurricane Teddy as it intensifies to our distant southeast, and is now considered a potential threat to Bermuda.

“Expect a return of hazardous swells and very unsettled conditions late this weekend into early next week as it merges with an approaching front moving in from the northwest.”

Leading up to the storm, forecasters say: “Southeast swells will continue to build along with increasing seas as Hurricane Teddy approached from the southeast. Swell and surf is expected to become hazardous to dangerous later this weekend.

“This warning will be superseded by the eventuality of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watch within the next day or so.”
As of this Hurricane Teddy was located at 18.3º N 52.3º W with maximum sustained winds at 105 mph moving NW at 12 mph.
The bottom line, on its present course Teddy looks set to travel along the same path as Paulette and we look set to facing down the impact of another storm just one week or so after the last one on Monday.