Bermuda Skyport has announced flight support plans as needed, for flights to the British Virgin Islands in the aftermath of of Hurricane Irma’s deadly and devastating sweep through the Caribbean last week.

A spokeswoman said: “The effort is in conjunction with the Royal Air Force. Additionally, Skyport will waive all normal airport fees for landing, parking and overnight stays for these aircrafts.”

Skyport President Aaron Adderley said: “Bermuda Skyport would like to do what we can to help our sister islands to our south in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. It’s the least we can do and I wish we could do more.”

Syport’s spokeswoman added: “The LF Wade International Airport will be prepared to possibly receive or consider three separate types of aircrafts from the RAF if the intended destination airports in the BVI are unable to be reached or provide jet fuel service in the days following the hurricanes.

“The RAF aircrafts that could be seen parked at the airport as they transit to and from the UK could be the A332 Voyager, the C-17 Globemaster and the A400 Atlas. All three aircrafts can carry extensive amounts of cargo to include needed supplies or support personnel to the islands receiving damage from the two active hurricanes to the south of Bermuda,” she said.

“In related support, Skyport is working with British Airways to have one or two aircrafts normally based for operations at Miami International Airport to be flown to Bermuda for overnight parking and servicing. With only aircrew onboard, the flights will position in Bermuda to reduce the risk of possible damage caused by Hurricane Irma.”