CPHC: Sunday 8pm Hurricane Douglas forecast map shows Kauai within the cone of uncertainty overnight

Star Advertiser: HONOLULU, HI, – Hurricane Douglas continued its near-miss weekend trip past the Hawaiian islands, leaving only Kauai in its potential path.

At 8pm, Douglas maintained its maximum sustained winds of 85 mph, and was moving west-northwest at 16 mph. This motion is expected to continue over the next couple of days.

The Category 1 hurricane’s center was 60 miles north of Honolulu and 85 miles east of Lihue, according to the 8 p.m. update from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

Hurricane-force winds of 74 mph or more extend up to 40 miles from Douglas’ center and tropical storm-force winds of 39 mph or more extend up to 115 miles.

Douglas is expected to remain a hurricane as it moves near Kauai later tonight, forecasters said.

Robert Ballard of the Central Pacific Hurricane Center said that Oahu and Maui County benefited from being on the weaker southern side of the massive storm.

Oahu and Kauai remain under a hurricane warning and the entire island chain is under a flash flood watch until Monday afternoon.

6:35 pm

Kauai County and the Hawaii Red Cross volunteers have opened four emergency shelters on Kauai as Hurricane Douglas continues on a path that could bring it dangerously close to the north side of the island overnight.

Red Cross officials said the shelters are recommended as a last resort, and that the public should shelter in-place at home, with family, or with a friend or neighbor if it is safe.

  • Top Feature Photo & Video: Large waves from Hurricane Douglas roll in toward the Kaiwi shoreline by Jamm Aquino/JAQUINO@STARADVERTISER.COM