MIRROR Online LONDON, England, Astha Saxena Huge crowds have been seen in central London this weekend for a mad pre-Christmas rush, with many complaining they had to queue to get into the Tube station.

Footage shared on social media shows a sea of people in Oxford Street on the last full weekend before the Christmas countdown. The scenes were filmed from the top of a double decker bus as the driver itself tries to snake through hoards of people.

The latest video released by a social media user on X, formerly known as Twitter, shows a dense crowd of shoppers experiencing a gridlock on overcrowded Oxford Street as shoppers make a mad dash for the shops. The video is understood to have been shot on Saturday from a bus.

Oxford Street has been busy with shoppers this weekend

Oxford Street has been busy with shoppers this weekend Image: JEFF MOORE

Frustration and distress set in as people found themselves unable to proceed above the Tube station or enter it to head home, reports the Express. Those who vowed not to give up have been known to queue to get down the tube station’s steps.

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The shocking video has more than 160k views on X so far as it sparked a stream of comments on the total chaos. The video was captioned as: “Bonkers Oxford St on penultimate Saturday before #Christmas- view from safety of a number 98 bus.”

One person wrote: “Why anyone would go to central London this close to Christmas baffles me.” Another said: “My worst nightmare. I’m feeling anxious just watching this!”

A third person commented: “It was a horror show. Popped in to HMV and then fled!” A fourth person said: “Oxford Street Tube is a nightmare on the best of days.” Earlier this year, concerns about the future of Oxford Street were raised by retail experts, prompting the top executive at Marks & Spencer to assert that decisive action must be taken to rescue the iconic street.

Last weekend, London was branded “Hell on Earth” as huge crowds took to the streets to do their Christmas shopping. People were becoming angry and distressed at being halted above the Tube station on Oxford Street, unable to move or enter the station to get home.

It was caused by the sheer number of visitors to the world-famous stretch of stores, who were anxious to get some of their seasonal shopping done. And the shocking scene was captured on a video posted to TikTok with the caption: “Oxford Street on a random Saturday in December”.

A person said: “This is my version of HELL, and will inevitably be the reason I move out of London.” Another said: “Here I was, terribly missing London after almost 13 years living there. Well, not anymore… thanks for this video, it erased my nostalgic feelings.”

One person who had been caught up in the crowds said: “I’m not a Londoner but I’m living here temporarily and today was the absolute worst,” while another said: “Where have all these people come from?! I have never seen it so busy in central London as it has been last couple years.” Others called the jam “chaos” and “Hell on Earth”.