Progressive Labour Party MP took aim at former One Bermuda Alliance Leader, Craig Cannonier in a somewhat heated exchange in the House of Assembly over the shock resignation of Curtis Dickinson.

Speaking during the Motion To Adjourn on Friday (Feb 18), Mr DeSilva challenged the former leader to come clean on his so-called resignation, saying the fact of the matter was Mr Cannonier was “removed”.

His comments came after Mr Cannonier stated that Mr Dickinson’s resignation was “an impactful blow to Bermuda”. He also called for Premier David Burt’s resignation.

“At a time when we are all looking for hope, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on, it doesn’t matter if your house is blue, green, yellow, whatever the case may be,” said Mr Cannonier.

“At a time when circumstances of Bermuda and where we are, this was an impactful blow to Bermuda.”

Once his 20 minutes were up, Mr DeSilva said: “It’s very interesting to listen to the former Premier, Craig Cannonier and his speech.

“And he just finished off a speech talking about how he was concerned about resignations. That should send shockwaves through the island because that Honourable Member said he resigned.

“If I remember correctly, he was removed in the cloak of darkness! And we still don’t know why.”

At that point, Mr Cannonier raised a Point Of Order claiming Mr DeSilva was misleading the House.

“Again, he’s reported this over and over – cloak of darkness – all of this kind of stuff. He knows nothing about what he talks about.

“He’s the only MP before the courts – nobody else!”

Mr DeSilva continued, saying: “And that too is interesting that Mr Cannonier should talk about whose before the courts.

“Maybe Horseshoe Beach needs to be investigated and who the Minister was that gave Rick Olson that contract and why he gave it to him. So tell Mr Cannonier that I will take my seat to hear that.”

Mr Cannonier countered with another Point of Order saying: “Once again the Honourable Member is speculating and misleading the House.

“An investigation was done into it, so maybe he needs to do his homework because he usually does his homework. He’s a little emotive right now.”

At that point, Michael Dunkley, another former Premier, interjected with a Point of Order, saying: “As the Premier at the time, I made sure that that contract in an appropriate way.

“So any allegations to Mr Cannonier are false and should be retracted.”

When Mr Cannonier’s time was up, Mr DeSilva continued saying Budgets are prepared way ahead of Budget Day.

“The Budgets by this time of year, are all but done. So, if Mr Curtis Dickinson got hit by a bus this week, and unfortunately died – what would we have done?

“We just carry on,” said Mr DeSilva.

“All the speeches have been written for every Ministry, all the budgets have been all but decided. Life goes on.”

“As a businessman, I’ve had some very key people in my business experience that have left me at the last minute.

“But you know what you do in business and governments, as the Premier stated earlier this week, life goes on.

“No one on this Zoom call, no one in the House of Parliament or the Senate is irreplaceable. Any one of us could die tonight.

“But what I will say is this, I hold a lot of respect for Curtis Dickinson too, and I believe that he has done a good job.

“And because he’s done such a good job and resigned just a couple of days ago, I have to believe that that job will continue.

“We’ll reap the benefit of his good work. All we have to do is deliver the Budget in which he had a big hand in producing.

“So I fret not, you got the wrong guy because life goes on and the OBA, UBP, BDA, call it what you like, they should know from experience that you’re here today – gone tomorrow, but life goes on.”

The next fiscal plan will be delivered in the House on Friday, February 25, by the Premier.